Lighting the way to quality

October 22, 2021

The FIH Quality Programme has been developed to support and assist national associations, clubs and other hockey providers develop facilities and infrastructure that will raise the overall standard of the sport, inspire confidence among the hockey community and create more opportunities for people to play.

With an initial focus on the playing surfaces used by hockey the programme has expanded over to include a range of field and sports equipment. Now, based on market feedback, sports lighting for outdoor hockey fields has been included.

This expansion is a natural progression for a sport that aspires to high levels of professionalism across all levels of the game. FIH Approved will provide the quality stamp necessary for those who are looking to invest in floodlighting for their hockey facilities. Hockey organisations must be confident that they are investing into lighting systems that provide suitable lighting for hockey to be played safely, whilst ensuring the lighting system is durable and built to international quality standards.

Not only do FIH Approved lighting systems have to comply with the FIH lighting standards - of which there are five depending on the level of hockey being played - but also use components that comply with demanding internationally recognised quality standards. 

Recognising that hockey community also require confidence that the companies supplying lighting systems are reliable and competent, all FIH Certified Lighting Suppliers must also satisfy a set of stringent criteria including a proven ability to light hockey fields, in-house quality management procedures and the provision of long-term warranties on their lighting systems.

By providing benchmarks – which particularly focus on quality and safety aspects – against which products will be assessed, FIH is setting the standard to which all providers of hockey facilities around the world should be looking for when they are considering making an investment into their facilities. Specifying they require FIH Approved lighting equipment enables field owners to be confident they are are selecting the best lighting equipment on the market and are working with companies that share in the FIH vision of making hockey more enjoyable, more sustainable and more accessible around the world.

When a sports lighting system is FIH Approved it will be listed on dedicated sports lighting page on the FIH website, providing consumers with an up to date list of the best hockey lighting systems equipment available.



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