FIH Quality Programme

FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Fields and Hockey Turf surfaces

To help ensure good quality hockey facilities are built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development, the FIH has developed its internationally recognised quality-assurance programme - the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. Incorporating FIH Approved Hockey Turfs and FIH certified fields, the programme provides consistent and dependable industry standards and ensures the appropriate quality of performance for the intended level of play - whether it is community development, international competition, or anything in between. For details of FIH Approved Hockey Turfs and our Preferred Hockey Turf Suppliers, Certified Manufacturers and Certified Field Builders click on Read More.

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FIH Quality Programme for Sports Lighting

Sports lighting plays an important role in the delivery of hockey across many areas of the game. It is a key requirement for venues hosting televised tournaments and allows increased hours of play on club, community and college fields maximising hockey opportunities and outcomes. Lighting is a large, long-term investment so it is important consumers choose wisely. FIH approved lighting systems have been independently tested to ensure compliance with robust performance and manufacturing requirements, meaning those investing can do so with the confidence they are dealing with companies that the FIH endorse as being the best suppliers of hockey lighting.

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FIH Quality Programme for Field Equipment

The FIH Quality Programme for Field Equipment sets performance and durability standards for the various pieces of field equipment used by hockey. These include hockey goals (11 a-side hockey and Hockey5s, and Indoor Hockey), Hockey 5s rebound boards, Indoor Hockey rebound boards, team shelters and technical officials’ booths. For some pieces of field equipment, the FIH have established classes of approval, based on the intended use.

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FIH Quality Programme for Sports Equipment

Hockey uses a range of sports equipment including balls, sticks and personal protective equipment (PPE). These all need to offer satisfactory performance and durability, so the FIH Quality Programme is working with industry and research organisations to develop product specific standards and quality guidelines.

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Facilities Guidance Resources

Additional technical information and guidance for those developing hockey facilities can be found here, including the FIH Hockey Turf and Field Standards, guidance on Hockey 5s courts and multi-sport facilities, and information on floodlighting.

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