“Stay healthy, strong and safe!”

April 1, 2020

“Stay healthy, strong and safe!”. These are the words concluding a message from the FIH Athletes’ Committee published today to the attention of all hockey players around the globe.

“We all started playing hockey for the same reasons, love for the sport, playing with friends, competing together, winning and losing together, having fun. Because of the outbreak of the pandemic that was taken away from all of us. Given the nature of our sport, a team sport, not being with fellow teammates is a difficult time for us all”, the message reads.

“But health and safety come first. We strongly believe we should all follow the rules of the WHO and our own governments to make sure we, you, your family and loved ones stay healthy, strong and safe.”

The Committee goes on with urging players to stay active during these particularly challenging times: “Take this time to come up with ideas about adaptive training methods, spend more time with your family, maybe finish your studies or start your own company. Don’t let staying at home stop you from developing.”

The Committee then reasserts its role for all players around the world, at this time and beyond: “It is our job as the FIH AC to represent all of you around the globe and because of this pandemic we even feel more committed to be your voice. The international hockey agenda, and the rescheduling of the Olympics Tokyo 2020 will affect all teams and players. We will make sure all tournaments, games and other events will be taken in account when creating a hockey calendar for 2020, 2021 and beyond.”

The full message of the FIH Athletes’ Committee is available here.


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