FIH's Integrity Unit members at the FIH Office in Lausanne

Integrity Unit kicks-off

February 4, 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland: The first meeting of the Integrity Unit of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) took take place in Lausanne on 1 February 2019 under the chairmanship of Australia’s Wayne Snell, an international expert in integrity and sports.

The FIH Integrity Unit (FIU)is an independent body which role is to protect the integrity of hockey and to establish effective mechanism for enforcement of the FIH Integrity Code and sanctions for its breach. Its responsibilities include:

- providing assistance on integrity matters and good governance to the FIH;

- ensuring persons covered by the FIH Integrity Code (the "Code") are advised on the proper interpretation and application of the Code (and more generally to raise awareness in respect of integrity matters);

- monitoring the development of integrity issues and recommending updates to the Code;

- appointing panels to carry out investigations into suspected breaches of the Code and preparing a notice of charge where it determines that a person covered by the Code has a case to answer for breach of the Code.

The FIH Integrity Code sets out general obligations and anti-corruption rules to establish clear integrity standards for persons involved in the activities of the FIH. It also includes general duties, such as a duty not to engage in any form of discrimination or harassment. The Code applies in its entirety to FIH Officials, FIH Executive Board Members (including candidates for election to the Executive Board), Committee and Panel Members as well as FIH staff. All parts of the Code, except for specific obligations applicable to FIH executives and staff apply to athletes, officials and event organisers, by virtue of their participation in or their selection to participate in FIH Events.

Any allegation or suspicion of a breach of the Code (or any other matters relating to integrity) must be reported to the FIU, whether by confidential email to or brought to the attention of the FIH CEO.

Integrity Unit Chairman Wayne Snell said: “FIH’s Integrity Unit will protect the clean athletes and give all players the best opportunity to operate to the best of their ability, right from the lowest level to the top level. It will be an independent unit where people can report matters of integrity and seek assistance on integrity-related matters.”

A full interview with Integrity Unit Chairman Wayne Snell is available below.



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