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FIH celebrates Walk the Talk with World Health Organization in Geneva

May 21, 2019

FIH joined the celebrations for a healthy and sustainable future in the second edition of the “Walk the Talk” event organized by the World Health Organization on 19 May 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event witnessed thousands of people from various nationalities of all ages and abilities sign-up for a free walk/run event that ranged from three to eight kilometres.

It also engaged World Health Assembly delegates along with various United Nations officials, who are on their visit to Geneva for the World Health Assembly.

Like in 2018, FIH along with the Hockey Club Servette Geneva and the association Generation Games organized a hockey initiation programme for the public to demonstrate the uniqueness of the sport.

Many people tried their hands at Hockey, including Champion Marathon runner Mary Keitany from Kenya and Dutch Minister for Medicare, Bruno Bruins.

Keitany was at her competitive best as she managed to score a goal during a short play.

She was one of the top athletes present for the event and was excited to visit Geneva for the event.

“I am happy to join the World Health Organization for the Health for All challenge and it is a part of active life to keep your body fit”, said Mary Keitany.

FIH even interacted with Netherlands’ Minister of Medicare, Bruno Bruins who was happy to start his week with the event in Geneva and also play a bit of Hockey en route to his course. “When you walk the talk here you see various sports on the side-lines but if you are from Netherlands you need to go for Hockey and try to make a small push with the Hockey stick.”

The Hockey corner witnessed a lot of kids trying to pick up some quick Hockey tips from FIH and Servette Club coaches along with the lessons of healthy and sustainable life from the walk.


The event was a huge success as it saw a massive turnout and support for the cause with Hockey also making significant contribution by raising awareness about the importance of physical activity and making people play.

Regular physical activity, including hockey, not only makes you feel good, it has significant benefits for health. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers, helps control weight, and contributes to mental well-being.

According to a WHO report in 2019 over 23% of adults and 80% of adolescents are not sufficiently physically active. If healthy physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep habits are established early in life, this helps shape habits through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

Through events like these WHO intends to spread awareness about the importance of physical activity in our lives and how insufficient physical activity can have adverse effects.

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