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Generic Assets

  • WJWC Media Kit - V3[86].pdf (4570.6 KB)
  • Rules for media representatives at FIH events.pdf (300.2 KB)
  • Media Kit - FIH Odisha Hockey Men's Junior World Cup 2021 (1373.3 KB)
  • Media Kit - FIH Hockey Pro League 2021-22 - JAN 2022v1.pdf (2735.9 KB)
  • FIH_WWC22_MediaKit.pdf (2929.1 KB)
  • Media Kit - FIH Hockey Pro League 2022-23.pdf (2476.0 KB)
  • FIH_NationsCup_RSA22_MediaKit.pdf (1461.8 KB)
  • FIH_MWC23_MediaKit_FINAL.pdf (2875.1 KB)
  • FIH_IWC23_MediaKit.pdf (669.9 KB)


There are no assets available


There are no assets available.

There are no assets available

FIH Online Library

National Associations, Continental Federations and media can access images from FIH key events. Click here for more information.

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