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FIH Committees and Advisory Panels

At FIH we currently have seven committees and three advisory panels, below is a list of all the members and a summary of each group's function.

Procedure for appointment to an FIH Committee or Panel

Every two years a call for nominations to FIH committees is communicated to the National Associations and Continental Federations.  Nominations must follow the Eligibility Guidelines and be accompanied by a Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct form. The call for nominations takes place in August with the deadline fixed for one month before the date of the FIH Congress.
Advisory Panels are appointed directly by the Executive Board, following the recommendations of the President and the CEO, after discussion with the Chief Advisor. (Nominations are therefore, not called for from the National Associations and Continental Federations). Panels are created to provide expert advice to FIH in its decision-making process. Therefore, the sole criterion for membership of a panel is expertise in the required area.
A final list is proposed to the FIH Executive Board for appointment at the first Executive Board meeting following FIH Congress, usually held in March.
Terms on Committees and Panels are for two years.

The Committee and Advisory Panel Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

2013-08 Committee and Advisory Panel Code of Conduct.pdf (78.3 KB)

Athletes Committee

The Athletes’ Committee is made up of current and former hockey players who have the responsibility to act as a liaison between the FIH and the Athletes and make sure the Athletes have a voice in the FIH decision making process. The members of the At…

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Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee is responsible for the appointment of Technical Officials for Outdoor and Indoor Hockey Tournaments as required by the FIH Chart of Responsibility, Hosting Contracts with National Associations and/or the various FIH policie…

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Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee is responsible for all logistical items related to FIH events. This can include, but is not limited to, the calendar of events, sanctioning events, discussion of regulations and competition procedures at the top level FIH c…

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Risk and Compliance Committee

The Risk and Compliance Committee helps to ensure that risk management, governance and sound processes are in operation.  Chair Stephen Abel   Secretary Diana Capsa  Rep EB Maureen Craig-Rousseau  Foundation Jean-Pierre Stre…

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Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the official international rules of hockey. Chair  David Collier  Secretary Richard Wilson Members Christian Blasch    Peter Elders   Margaret Hunnaball …

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Umpiring Committee

The Umpiring Committee is responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient Umpires and Umpire Managers trained and prepared for the appropriate level, representing all Continents, to officiate at all levels of International Tournaments throughout t…

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High Performance and Coaching Panel

The High Performance and Coaching Advisory Panel is a group of elite level coaching experts who work to promote high performance and coaching expertise and materials, and making them accessible to all FIH Member Associations in order to raise the sta…

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Judicial Commission

The Judicial Commission is a group of neutral legal advisors that acts as a mediator in legal FIH matters President  Don Davies  Deputy President Michael Krause Deputy President Annabel Pennefather   Gordon Nurse   Geo…

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Medical Advisory Panel

The Medical Advisory Panel ensures that all FIH events uphold the highest safety standards for the athletes and makes recommendations to improve athlete safety based on data and research. Chief Advisor  Peter Wefers-Bettink   Secretary …

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Human Resources & Governance Panel

The Human Resources & Governance Panel acting on behalf of the FIH Executive Board, is responsible for managing the relationship with the CEO, used as a sounding board for HR Policy and strategy, as well as governance matters such as ensuring the…

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Elections Oversight Panel

The Elections Oversight Panel is responsible for creating a manual of elections regulations and procedures, assessing candidacies for the FIH Executive Board and overseeing that the elections are carried out in accordance with the FIH Nominations and…

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Awards Panel

The Awards Panel is responsible for receiving and assessing all nominations for FIH Awards and providing a recommendation to the FIH Executive Board for final selection.  Chair Leandro Negre Secretary Melanie Willmore Member Seif …

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