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FIH International Umpire Information
The following Briefings, produced by the FIH Umpiring Committee in consultation with the FIH Rules Committee, and Resources are primarily for FIH International Umpires, however they provide useful and common sense information for Umpires at all levels. 


FIH Outdoor Umpires Briefing 2017.pdf (223.1 KB)
FIH Outdoor Umpires Briefing 2015-2016 (226.4 KB)
FIH Indoor Umpires Briefing 2017.pdf (226.4 KB)
FIH Indoor Umpires Briefing 2017 (226.9 KB)
FIH International Umpires Handbook.pdf (854.8 KB)

 FIH International Umpire Grading, Fitness Guidelines and Applications Forms

 The following documents are the Guidelines Covering the Grading / Fitness / Listing of International Umpires for Outdoor and Indoor Hockey and the relevant application forms for National Associations to apply on behalf of their Umpires. 


Grading of Officials vers. 1.3.pdf (342.9 KB)
Umpire Fitness Guidelines 29.08.2019.pdf (525.3 KB)

Link to the umpire fitness test results form


Indoor Umpires Grading Guidelines.pdf (78.2 KB)


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