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FIH International Umpire Manager Grading Guidelines and Applications Forms & Marking System

As at 1 February 2013 a new Umpire Manager Marking System came into operation for all tournaments at FIH and Continental levels. The following documents are the guidelines Covering the grading of FIH Umpire Managers, together with the relevant application forms for National Associations to apply on behalf of their Umpire Manager candidates. Documentation for those who will use the Umpire Manager Marking System is also below, including Introduction/User Notes, the Marks Spreadsheet and the current Umpire Manager Performance Feedback Form.

Umpire Manager - Potential for FIH Application Form.doc (59 KB)
FIH Umpire Manager Application Form.doc (51 KB)
Umpire Manager Marking System User Notes (99.5 KB)
FIH Umpire Manager Guidelines.pdf (118.4 KB)
Umpire Managers Marks Spreadsheet - Outdoor (160.5 KB)
Umpire Manager Marks Spreadsheet - Indoor (207 KB)

FIH Umpire Managers Tournament Resources

The following zip file contains all of the various Umpire Manager Resources that will be helpful to Umpire Managers for their Tournaments in 2016 & 2017. The zip file is updated as and when new documents or resources become available.

Umpire Manager Tournament Resources as at 29 November (7144.1 KB)

FIH Umpires' Briefings 2022-23

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