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All relevant information and forms for official FIH events can be found in this section.

Code of Conduct

FIH Code of Conduct Guidelines to TDs on Hearing Process.pdf (93.2 KB)
FIH Code of Conduct (256.6 KB)
Video Operator Acknowledgement Form - October 2013.pdf (68.5 KB)
FIH Guidelines for Team Managers - October 2016.pdf (183.0 KB)

 Competition Policies

FIH Competitions Policies and Procedures (337.6 KB)
Withdrawals from Tournaments.pdf (20.5 KB)
Penalties and Sanctions Non Compliance with FIH Policies, Procedures and Regulations.pdf (148.5 KB)
Definition of International Cap.pdf (267.2 KB)
FIH Media Policy (253.8 KB)
Terms And Conditions For Media Representatives at FIH Events - September 2019.pdf (389.4 KB)
FIH Inclement Weather procedure September 2019.pdf (472.8 KB)
FIH Delay, Cancellation and Postponement procedure V4.pdf (229.2 KB)

Event Allocation

Event Assignment Process 2017 & 2018 (383.7 KB)

Event Field Specifications

Commonwealth Games (509.2 KB)
FIH Junior World Cup (508.5 KB)
FIH HWL Finals (509.4 KB)
Youth Olympic Games (608.1 KB)
Olympic Games (1071.5 KB)
FIH HWL Semi-finals (509.3 KB)
FIH Champions Trophy (509.6 KB)
Hockey Series Finals (364.5 KB)

 Event Venue Specifications

FIH Venue Specifications_CWG (1404.9 KB)
FIH Technical Requirements for Youth Olympic Games 2018 (1120.6 KB)
FIH Technical Requirements_CWG (919.9 KB)
FIH HWL Round 1 and Round 2 (1228.0 KB)
Olympic Games (430.4 KB)
FIH World Cup (419.3 KB)
FIH Junior World Cup (407.4 KB)
FIH Champions Trophy and HWL Semi-Finals (402.8 KB)
Future REGIONAL Events (1463.5 KB)
Hockey Series Finals (398.2 KB)


To access medical documents please visit the Anti Doping and Medical page

Qualification Criteria

Qualification System for FIH Junior World Cup 2021.pdf (352.8 KB)
Explanatory Note_Hockey World League 2016-17.pdf (287.6 KB)
Qualification System for Hockey World Cup 2018.pdf (496.3 KB)
Qualification System for Tokyo2020 Olympic Games.pdf (184.9 KB)
Competition Details for 2014-15 Hockey World League.pdf (159.2 KB)
Qualification System for Youth Olympic Games 2018.pdf (381.5 KB)
Competition Details for 2016-17 Hockey World League.pdf (158.3 KB)
Qualification System for 2018 Indoor Hockey World Cup (295.0 KB)
Qualification Criteria for Hockey Champions Trophy 2018.pdf (329.1 KB)

 Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Events

NA Template No Objection Certificate.doc (63 KB)
FIH Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Events Regulations.pdf (249.1 KB)
FIH Information Sheet Applying for FIH Sanction for an Event.pdf (42.8 KB)
FIH Information Sheet No Objection Certificate.pdf (59.8 KB)
Template NA Regulations implementing the req of FIH Reg on Sanc and Unsac Events.doc (123.5 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (293.7 KB)

Tournament Regulations

World Cups 2018 Tournament Regulations (581.9 KB)
Rio 2016 Regulations (707.4 KB)
FIH Anti-Corruption Regulations_2017 (267.7 KB)
FIH Participant Eligibility Regulations (82.7 KB)
FIH Indoor Tournament Regulations.pdf (756.3 KB)
Competition Regulations - Asian Games 2014.pdf (354.3 KB)
FIH Hockey5s Tournament Regulations.pdf (670.2 KB)
FIH General Outdoor Tournament Regulations.pdf (809.0 KB)
FIH Top Tier Tournament Regulations (765.4 KB)
Competition Regulations – Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (717.8 KB)
Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games 2018 Competition Regulations.pdf (546.6 KB)
FIH Pro League Regulations March 2019 (762.8 KB)
ParaHockey (ID)Tournament Regulations.pdf (640.8 KB)
Tokyo Test Event Competition Regulations.pdf (710.9 KB)

Tournament Related Forms

Guidelines For Match Schedules.docx (21.8 KB)
Appointment Sheet.xls (73 KB)
Appeal Submission Form.docx (43.0 KB)
Match Report Form - 16 players (2 x 35 Minutes).doc (91.5 KB)
Match Card Registration Form.doc (102.5 KB)
Match Report Form - 18 players (2 x 35 Minutes).doc (90 KB)
Match Report Form - 18 players (2 x 35 Minutes) with Shoot-outs.doc (90 KB)
Match Report Form - 18 players (4 x 15 Minutes) with Shoot-outs.doc (92.5 KB)
Match Report Form - 18 players (4 x 15 Minutes).doc (91.5 KB)
Match Report Form - 16 players (2 x 35 Minutes) with Shoot-outs.doc (91.5 KB)
Match Report Form - Indoor Hockey with Shoot-outs.doc (93.5 KB)
Protest Submission Form.pdf (207.3 KB)
Match Injury Report Form.doc (622 KB)
Tournament Card Summary Form.xlsx (18.7 KB)
Shoot-out Competition Form.doc (77 KB)
Match Report Form - Indoor Hockey.doc (92.5 KB)
Technical Official Performance Feedback.doc (45.5 KB)
Technical Delegate Report.doc (22.9 KB)
Medical Officer Performance Feedback.doc (601 KB)
Hockey5s Match Report.doc (87.5 KB)
Hockey5s Match Report with SO.doc (88 KB)
Pre Tournament Uniform, Equipment and Passport Check List (46.0 KB)
2019 Umpires Managers Master Feedback @24.02.2019.xlsm (85.4 KB)
2019 Umpires Master-Feedback @24.02.2019.xlsm (84.5 KB)

Tournament Management System (TMS)

TMS User Guide.pdf (2358.0 KB)
FAQs 2018-09.pdf (770.0 KB)
Online Starting Line Up - Managers (297.9 KB)
TMS Training Module Instructions (187.3 KB)
Online Team Entry Form Instructions (318.5 KB)
Tasks to do on TMS Training before arriving at tournment.pdf (519.3 KB)

Uniform Advertising

Application for Uniform Advertising Approval.xlsx (22.2 KB)
Register of Players with Authorised Stick Advertisements for FIH Pro League 2019 (471.7 KB)
Approved National Association Uniform Advertising (129.6 KB)
FIH Logo - ai (185.3 KB)
Diagram of Uniform Advertising.pdf (404.9 KB)
FIH Logo - png format.png (5.1 KB)

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