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FIH Quality Programme for Field Equipment

The FIH Quality Programme for Field Equipment sets performance and durability standards for the various pieces of field equipment used by hockey. These include hockey goals (11 a-side hockey and Hockey5s, and Indoor Hockey), Hockey 5s rebound boards, Indoor Hockey rebound boards, team shelters and technical officials’ booths. For some pieces of field equipment, the FIH have established classes of approval, based on the intended use.

There are two classes of FIH approved goal. Class 1 Goals are freestanding with integral weights that ensure the goal does not tilt. Class 2 Goals are freestanding with ground anchors or separate weights used to ensure the goal does not tilt.

These goals are designed primarily for Indoor Hockey, but they may also be used for other sports such as Futsal and Handball.

Class 1 boards are primarily used forHockey5s competitions and tournaments, where alignment of the boards is visually important. The boards are 250mm high and incorporate some form of structure to ensure the boards remain aligned during play. They boards may be free standing, socketed or, where applicable, fence mounted.

Class 2 boards weight less than 10 kg and are designed to be easy to move and erect. They are commonly used on courts that are set out on full-size fields, where the boards have to be set out and be removed quickly between sessions of play. Class 2 boards may be lower in height than those normally used for higher level competitions and buyers are advised to check with their national association if they are unsure if lower height boards are acceptable for us in local competitions.

FIH Approved team shelters provide seating for a minimum of six people. They may be designed for permanent installation or be free-standing (mobile). As the precise number of seats required for a specific hockey event will normally be specified in the event venue manual, buyers are advised to check with their national association if they are unsure how many team seats need to be provide for the events they plan to host.

Technical Officials Booths are normally provided at higher level hockey tournaments. Class 1 Technical Officials Booths are used for top level hockey events, such as those organised by the FIH. Class 2 Booths are small and are normally used at lower tier international, national, and club level hockey events.

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