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Additional Facility and Equipment Resources

The FIH is responsible for helping to maintain and ensure that the quality of pitches and the safety standard of equipment remains at the highest level worldwide. On top of the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf, below are the other key areas that encompass the FIH Facilities department.

 Frequently Asked Questions
Check out this list to see if the question on the tip of your tongue is one that is asked around the world. If your query still remains unanswered please feel free to drop us a mail at

Hockey Field FAQ.pdf (494.7 KB)

Hockey5s is an official short-form version of Hockey. It is played by five players per side either on a court that can either temporarily placed on an existing full size field or built especially for the game. If you are thinking of building a Hockey5s court our facilities guide will tell you all you need to know.

Hockey5sCourt_ENG (1083.1 KB)
Hockey5sCourt_FR (1115.7 KB)
Hockey5s_on_11-a-side_fields (687.5 KB)

Pitch Handbook
Your one stop shopping for all things Pitch related. It is a handbook of performance requirements for synthetic turf hockey pitches and for incorporating test procedures.

Pitch Handbook - Feb 2014.pdf (1258.9 KB)

The FIH and its partners have created several useful documents for public use regarding pitches and equipment. Below is a comprehensive list of the resources available. All can be printed and used as a reference guide.

Affordable Development Pitches.pdf (312.7 KB)
FIH Lighting Standards (2374.9 KB)
Care and Maintainance - Turf.pdf (495.1 KB)
Goal Specifications.pdf (12.2 KB)
Indoor Facilities Handbook.pdf (226.1 KB)
The Future of Synthetic Turf - Aug 2011.pdf (31.0 KB)
Stick Specifications.pdf (333.2 KB)
Ball Performance Requirements.pdf (41.9 KB)
Quality Control of Hockey Balls for FIH Competitions.pdf (141.8 KB)

Guide to Installing Hockey Pitches and Facilities
Worthy of its own mention as a publication is the guide to installing hockey pitches. This guide, broken into smaller useable chapters, is the ultimate resource with topics ranging from project planning, through specifying requirements and managing the construction, to maintaining pitches and associated facilities.

Pitches Guide Introduction (396.6 KB)
Pitches Guide Project Planning.pdf (105.3 KB)
Pitches Guide Funding.pdf (159.7 KB)
Pitches Guide Site Selection.pdf (93.6 KB)
Pitches Guide Classification.pdf (17.1 KB)
Pitches Guide Irrigation.pdf (52.8 KB)
Pitches Guide Clubhouse.pdf (57.8 KB)
Pitches Guide Events.pdf (55.9 KB)
Pitches Guide Planning.pdf (17.6 KB)
Pitches Guide Spectators.pdf (24.9 KB)
Pitches Guide Testing.pdf (33.9 KB)
Pitches Guide Surfaces.pdf (42.3 KB)
Pitches Guide Maitenence.pdf (36.4 KB)
Procurement and Contracting.pdf (421.0 KB)
Pitches Guide Floodlighting - May 2013.pdf (278.6 KB)
Pitches Guide Furniture.pdf (226.2 KB)
Pitches Guide Development.pdf (114.9 KB)
Annex A other information.pdf (44.8 KB)

Field and Venue Specifications
Field and Venue specifications for our events and Olympics games can be accessed via the Event Resources page.