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Hockey, a Sport for Everybody!

Worldwide we see that hockey is a real sport for all – for boys and girls, men and women, 7 to 70 year olds, able and disabled bodies, starters and stars – basically everybody! Often you see the whole family being active on and around the hockey pitch; as player, coach, umpire, and organizer or as a passionate fan! However the categories mentioned above, are not fully represented in all countries. In some places you see that hockey is mainly played by females, whereas in other places hockey is a real male sport. We see countries with only adult players, others with only youth. Some cultural groups are not well represented in hockey and the opportunities for people with a disability to join the hockey family are not always available. In this section of the website you will find FIH and country initiatives that attempt to make Hockey even more a Sport for All.

Worldwide we see that hockey is a Sport for All – for boys and girls, men and women, 7 to 70 year olds, able and disabled individuals, starters and stars – basically everybody! Here you can find a small sample of what various nations around the globe are doing to promote hockey across every imaginable sector. Let us know what your country is doing to promote the game to the masses to make Hockey a Sport for Everybody!

Promotion of Girl's Hockey - Argentina.pdf (3409.4 KB)
G-LG-E-H Hockey Netherlands.pdf (437.1 KB)
Promotion of Veteran's Hockey - New Zealand.pdf (58.1 KB)

You can have great ideas to develop hockey, but without funding these ideas will unfortunately not materialize! Click here to find out about funding opportunities through the FIH Targeted Assistance Programme.




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