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One of the biggest responsibilities that the FIH has is to develop the game of hockey and its athletes in both the traditional countries and those that are just learning about the game. Read on to see helpful resources to develop your organisation or club.

National Hockey Development Planning
These guidelines are to assist National Hockey Associations to develop a National Hockey Development Plan. It is also useful for nations looking to start a hockey programme as well as regional associations that are looking ahead to the future. When planning your development programme, three steps are necessary to be successful: gauging your current status; defining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and planning for the future. With that in mind, you can successfully use the tools below.

Assessing your current situation.doc (220.5 KB)
Planning for the future.doc (216.5 KB)
NHDP - Background info and questions.pdf (169.4 KB)

Club and Association Development Manual
Making the decision to start a hockey club can be a daunting process. The FIH recognises the importance of providing guidelines to assist clubs in their endeavour to become established within the hockey community, and has developed this manual as a guide. In order to be successful as a club, careful planning and commitment is needed. National and Regional Associations and clubs need to develop operating strategies to attract and retain members. One cannot overlook the value of voluntary and paid staff at all club levels.

This guide aims to support and encourage hockey associations and clubs to develop and further promote themselves. Each of these have their own needs and they should be prepared to deal with the dynamics and demands that the future presents.This Club & Association Development Guide can be used to help you establish or further develop your hockey association or club.

Putting the Plan into Action.pdf (65.3 KB)
Junior Development.pdf (76.5 KB)
Creating a Better Club.pdf (119.6 KB)
Club Management.pdf (143.2 KB)
Appendicies.pdf (128.3 KB)

You can have great ideas to develop hockey, but without funding these ideas will unfortunately not materialize! Visit our Targeted Assistance Programme (TAP) section to find out more about funding opportuntiies.

Continental Development
So you've read through all the material on starting a new hockey programme and want to get started. But what is the first step? Your Continental Federation is a good point of contact and is here to help. Get in touch to get more hockey activity underway in your country!

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