Hero Olympic Qualifier Delhi 2012
New Delhi, India - February 18 - 26, 2012


FIH announces broadcast schedule for OQ in Delhi

February 13, 2012
Games available in several territories; massive coverage in India

The FIH today announced the preliminary broadcast schedule for the Hero FIH Olympic Qualification Tournament set to being in Delhi, India this Friday.


The tournament will be broadcast in India (Ten Sports), Singapore (Starhub), Malaysia (Astro Supersport 3) and Europe (Eurosport) in addition to the games that will be offered through live streaming on the FIH website.


Delhi is playing host to the both a men’s a women’s qualification tournament featuring six teams on both the men’s and women’s side battling for a spot in the London 2012 Games. Only the winner of each tournament will earn a berth to the Games. The tournaments are the first of six Olympic Qualification events (three men’s and three women’s).


The schedule listed below is subject to change. The times listed are according to each individual market. The broadcast schedule is listed alphabetically by the broadcast provider.  


ASTRO SUPERSPORT 3 (Ch 817)                   
SAT   18-Feb      

16:30       (M) Canada vs. Italy             
18:30       (M) France vs. Poland                      
22:30       (M) India vs. Singapore


SUN   19-Feb    
13:30       (W) India vs. Ukraine [Delayed]         
16:30       (W) South Africa vs. Ukraine 
18:30       (M) Singapore vs. France     
22:30       (M) India vs. Italy      


MON  20-Feb   
08:20       (W) India vs. Canada [Delayed]         


TUE   21-Feb     
16:30       (M) Singapore vs. Canada    


WED   22-Feb     
11:30       (M) Poland vs. Italy [Delayed]           
13:00       (W) Poland vs. India [Delayed]         
14:30       (M) France vs. India [Delayed]          
16:30       (W) Canada vs. Poland         
18:30       (M) Italy vs. France 


THU   23-Feb    

15:00       (W) India vs. South Africa [Delayed]
16:30       (M) Canada vs. India [Delayed]


SAT   25-Feb     
10:00       (M) France vs. Canada [Delayed]      
11:30       (W) Italy vs. India [Delayed]  
13:00       (M) India vs. Poland [Delayed]          
17:30       (W) 5th/6th Placing [Delayed]           
19:00       (W) 3rd/4th Placing [Delayed]           
17:30       (W) 1st/2nd Placing [Delayed]          


TUE   28-Feb    
17:30       (M) 5th/6th Placing [Delayed]            
19:00       (M) 3rd/4th Placing [Delayed]
17:30       (M) 1st/2nd Placing [Delayed


TUE   21-Feb     
12.45    (M) France vs. Poland Delayed
13.30    (M)  Poland vs. Italy Live 
17.45    (M) France vs. India Live
19.00    (W) Poland vs. India Delayed


WED 22-Feb
09.30    (W) Canada vs. Poland Live
11.30    (M) Italy vs. France Live


FRI 24-Feb
11.30    (M) France vs. Canada Live


SAT 25-Feb
18.00    (W) Final Delayed


SUN 26-Feb
15.30    (M) Final Live



14:30    (M) India vs. Singapore


10:30    (M) Singapore vs. France


8:30      (M) Singapore vs. Canada


9:30      (M) 5th / 6th Place
12:00    (M) 3rd / 4th Place
14:30    (M) Final



SAT   18-Feb     
13:50    (M) Canada vs. Italy
15:50    (M) France vs. Poland
17:50    (W) India vs. Ukraine
19:50    (M) India vs. Singapore


13:50    (W) South Africa vs. Ukraine
15:50    (M) Singapore vs. France
17:50    (W) India vs. Canada
19:50    (M) India vs. Italy


13:50    (M) Singapore vs. Canada
15:50    (M) Poland vs. Italy
17:50    (W) Poland vs. India
19:50    (M) France vs. India


13:50    (W) Canada vs. Poland
15:50    (M) Italy vs. France
17:50    (W) India vs. South Africa
19:50    (M) Canada vs. India


13:50    (W) South Africa vs. Canada
15:50    (M) France vs. Canada
17:50    (W) Italy vs. India
19:50    (M) India vs. Poland


14:50    (W) 5th (Pool) v 6th (Pool)
17:20    (W) 3rd (Pool) v 4th (Pool)
19:50    (W) 1st (Pool) v 2nd (Pool)


14:50    (M) 5th in Pool v 6th in Pool
17:20    (M) 3rd in Pool v 4th in Pool
19:50    (M)1st in Pool v 2nd in Pool



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