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Want tickets to watch England or other world-class teams at the Hockey Women’s World Cup, 21 July – 5 August 2018?

Enter the public ballot to be in with a chance of getting your hands on the most wanted tickets of the competition!

Enter me in the Ballot

  • By pre-registering for the public ballot, you will be sent an email on the 19 August with a link where you will be placed into a draw for your selected tickets
  • The public ballot opens 19 August
  • You’re able to apply for as many matches as you want
  • Tickets to matches will be limited to 6 per England session
  • Applicants can tick an ‘Upgrade Me’ box, which will enter them into the ballot for the next price category up if unsuccessful in their first request
  • Payment will be taken if ticket requests are successful after the public ballot closes
  • Successful applicants will be selected at random
  • The public ballot closes 6 September

Got any questions? Check out our Q&A page.

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