WorldHockey World Cup Qualifier (Men)
Lille, France - October 31 - 8, 2009

PAK V RUS ( 1st Round ) WorldHockey World Cup Qualifier (Men)

5 - 0

Match Review PAK - RUS 5-0

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It took Pakistan a few minutes to find some rhythm in the cold weather, but they soon took control of the game. They built up some chances in front of the Russian goal, however the first real opportunity was at the other end, with a penalty corner for Russia well saved by Zeeshan ASHRAF in goal. ASHRAF was called again into action soon after on an instant shot by Yaroslav LOGINOV who collected a ball loosely controlled by the Pakistani defense.

With both teams reduced to ten players with green cards, Pakistan forced a penalty-corner; Sohail ABBAS’s flick went high but was superbly deflected by Roman ROGOV in full extension. Finally, after a swift counter-attack by Shakeel ABBASI, Rehan BUTT received the ball on the far post and made no mistake to open the score in the 23rd minute.

During a long period, the game swung back and forth without much danger, but Pakistan finished the period strongly, adding two goals before the break, first by Shakeel ABBASI, impeccably served by Abdul Haseem KHAN, then by Sohail ABBAS on penalty-corner.

After halt-time, they immediately picked up where they had stopped, adding a goal on a penalty-corner, this time by Muhammad IMRAN. With the result certainly not in doubt any more, the intensity of play declined and the Pakistani players had more room and time to display their individual skills. Abdul Haseem KHAN scored a superb goal, celebrating in style his 50th international Cap, but, with rain starting to pour down, chances became scarce and Pakistan cruised to their second 5-0 win of the competition.

  • Match 04
  • Date Sun, 1 Nov 2009
  • Time 11:30
  • Pool/Class 1st Round
  • Venue

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