Olympic Qualifier Santiago 2008
Santiago, Chile - March 1 - 9, 2008

AUT V RUS ( Round-robin ) Olympic Qualifier Santiago 2008

5 - 4

Match Review AUT - RUS 5-4

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Austria and Russia are probably more used to face each other in indoor competitions. Austria was the logical favorite, based on their World Ranking (25th vs. 45th for Russia) but mostly based on their excellent beginning of competition with a surprise win on host Chile. Nevertheless, Russia was first on the score sheet with an excellent penalty corner by Dmitry AZAROV, followed by another goal by Alexey MAMOSHKIN, receiving alone in front of the keeper a ball carried the whole length of the field by Alexander PLATONOV!

Austria reacted immediately and closed the gap with a penalty corner by Michael KÖRPER, but could not really grab control of the play and half-time was reached with a deserved 2-1 lead for Russia. Austria were more dominant in the second half, using quick short passes to keep control of the ball, while Russia were using long balls that were easily intercepted. Austria wasted a few opportunities, including a number of penalty-corners and a ball that rolled on the line without anybody able to push it in goal. They finally came back level in the 49th minute, when Georg JELINEK finished a superb run by Peter PROKSCH.

The two teams then rapidly traded goals, first Dmitry AZAROV gave back the lead to Russia on penalty-corner, and then Peter PROKSCH tied the score once more with a field goal. Austria’s domination was finally rewarded in the 59th minute, when Michael KÖRPER scored on a penalty-corner, his second of the day, giving the lead to his team for the first time of the game. Soon after, Peter PROKSCH scored a sumptuous goal to make the break and seal the fate of the Russian team.

  • Match 8
  • Date Tue, 4 Mar 2008
  • Time 17:30
  • Pool/Class Round-robin
  • Venue

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