South American Odesur Games 2014 (W)
Santiago, Chile - March 8 - 16, 2014
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Tournament Director RINALDINI Lorena Argentina FIH
Technical Officer CAMPOS RASMUSSEN Alvaro Chile PAHF
Technical Officer PEREZ ZANINI Javier Uruguay PAHF
Judge CORA Viviane Brazil PAHF
Judge CRISTIANI Guillermina Uruguay PAHF
Judge DE MATTOS Thiago Brazil PAHF
Judge DOWNEY Gabriela Chile PAHF
Judge PAZ CHAMORRO Alberto Paraguay PAHF
Judge PEREZ LEON Juan Manuel Peru PAHF
Medical Officer FEIJOO Pablo Argentina PAHF
Media Officer MARTINEZ ARCELAY Victor Puerto Rico PAHF
Media Officer DIAZ BUSTOS Candela Argentina PAHF
Umpires Manager MELLI Cinthia Argentina FIH
Neutral Umpire McCLEAN Ayanna Trinidad & Tobago FIH
Neutral Umpire SUTTON Suzi United States FIH
National Umpire CABARGAS Camila Chile PAHF
National Umpire DOMINGUEZ CARRENO Yhonailen Venezuela PAHF
National Umpire MONGELOS Beatriz Paraguay PAHF
National Umpire MONTESINO WENZEL Catalina Chile PAHF
National Umpire SANCHEZ Mercedes Argentina PAHF
Umpire LOCATELLI Maria Argentina PAHF

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