Olympic Games London 2012
London, Great Britain - July 29 - 10, 2012

BEL V USA ( 11/12 ) Olympic Games London 2012

2 - 1

Match Review BEL - USA 2-1


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
USA 6 20 SELENSKI Paige FG 0 - 1
BEL 20 13 GERNIERS Alix FG 1 - 1
BEL 51 12 VALCKE Gaelle PC 2 - 1


Team Minute Shirt # Player Type
USA 59 27 CRANDALL Lauren G
BEL 61 14 SINIA Emilie G
USA 69 26 BASHORE Kayla Y


DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 ESKINA Elena
Umpire 2 PRESENQUI Irene
Reserve Umpire STEWART Wendy
Judge 1 BUCKLEY Peri
Judge 2 SHIN Jung Hee
Technical Officer BROWN Sheila

(11th-12th) Belgium vs. USA: 2-1 (half-time: 1-1)

The USA were quick off the mark and Paige Selenski opened the scoring in the 7th minute of play, shooting after a decisive circle penetration then coolly picking up the clearance from a defender to slam it in the roof of the net.

Charlotte de Vos had a strong shot on goal soon after but it was well paraded by Amy Tran-Swensen in the American goal, before Alix Gerniers capped a period of Belgian domination with a swift run around the USA defense and a sudden reverse shot past Tran for the equalizer.

The USA had a series of penalty-corners and tried various strikers but the half-time break was reached with the score tied at 1-1.

In second period, both teams decided to play an open attacking game for their last appearance on the Olympic scene and goalkeepers were called into action at both ends. Shannon Taylor thought that she had scored for the USA but a Belgian video-referral proved that there was a foul, and it was Erica Coppey who finally broke the deadlock for Belgium, finding the ball in a furious goalmouth scramble that followed a messed-up penalty-corner.

Desperate to tie the score, the USA replaced their goal-keeper with an additional field player with 8 minutes to go, an unusual move. Their gambit nearly backfired on the first Belgium attack before kicking-back Lauren Crandall managed to clear her circle. However, even with the additional player, they never managed to pressure enough a Belgian defense throwing everything in the ring to protect their narrow lead.

Belgium, the Cinderella of the competition, finished 11th for their first Olympic appearance. They were never outplayed and surprised many observers when they tied much higher ranked China (0-0) and Japan (1-1).

The USA finished with the wooden spoon; they were certainly hoping for a better conclusion, especially after defeating World Champions Argentina (1-0) on the second day of Olympic competition.

(Yan Huckendubler)

  • Match 35
  • Date Fri, 10 Aug 2012
  • Time 08:30
  • Pool/Class 11/12
  • Venue

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