Hockey World League Round 2 St. Germain 2013
St. Germain, France - May 6 - 12, 2013

SCO V POR ( Pool A ) Hockey World League Round 2 St. Germain 2013

9 - 0

Match Review SCO - POR 9-0


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
SCO 12 10 MOODIE Ian FG 1 - 0
SCO 15 7 FORSYTH Alan FG 2 - 0
SCO 32 16 STOTT Niall FG 3 - 0
SCO 44 32 McINTYRE Gordon FG 4 - 0
SCO 51 14 MARSHALL Willie PC 5 - 0
SCO 53 27 BYERS Gavin FG 6 - 0
SCO 61 25 GRASSICK Chris PC 7 - 0
SCO 63 18 ADAMS Wei PC 8 - 0


Team Minute Shirt # Player Type
POR 11 4 FERNANDES Ricardo Y
SCO 27 16 STOTT Niall G
POR 57 13 SANTOS Joao G


DNP = Did not participate
S = Suspended
DSQ = Disqualified

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 LEUNG Deric
Umpire 2 CHOLEWA Kris
Reserve Umpire FENAERT Xavier
Judge 1 RENAUD Alain
Judge 2 PETITJEAN Sylvie
Technical Officer HOUSSONLONGE Benoit

Scotland wanted a win to comfort their forth place in the competition and immediately set to the task. The two teams had met last September in the Round 1 of the World League, with a clear win for Scotland (7-0), but Portugal have progressed enormously in the last months, and since the start of the competition in Saint-Germain, and the Scots had a hard time creating any initial danger for Paulo Nogueira in the Portuguese goal.

It is only after 12 minutes of play that Ian Moodie opened the scoring, diving on the far post to deflect a cross after a scrambled penalty-corner. Portugal nearly equalized on the next action, but Alan Forsyth gave a more comfortable 2-goal cushion to Scotland. They benefitted from an own goal by a Portuguese defender, scrambled a penalty-corner chance and survived a messy situation in front of their goal before Niall Stott finally found the back of the net again for a 4-0 lead going into the break.

Pace picked up a tad in second period, both teams receiving the support of the crowd starting to fill the stands for the much anticipated match between France and Canada. Pedro Santos was busy in the Portuguese goal. He kept the opponent at bay for 10 minutes until Gordon Mcintyre added a goal for Scotland. Portugal had 2 good chances on penalty-corners but were denied by excellent saves by Allan Dick, much to the disappointment of the numerous Portuguese fans in the stands.

William Marshall was more efficient at the other end, opting for a straight shot on goal on a penalty-corner to push the score to 6-0. Portugal was now fading quickly and play stayed confined in their 25m.  Scotland added 3 more goals for a final score of 9-0.

As they had boldly announced, Scotland did challenge higher ranked Canada and France during this tournament, and will take solace in finishing ahead of Poland thanks to a dramatic shoot-out competition earlier in the week. Portugal’s ambition was to learn from their much more experienced opponents and they have certainly achieved that objective, progressing from match to match during the week.   

  • Match 14
  • Date Sun, 12 May 2013
  • Time 15:30
  • Pool/Class Pool A
  • Venue

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