Hero Hockey World League Round 2 New Delhi 2013
New Delhi, India - February 18 - 24, 2013

KAZ V RUS ( Round Robin ) Hero Hockey World League Round 2 New Delhi 2013

1 - 8

Match Review KAZ - RUS 1-8


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
RUS 11 9 KRASNOPEROVA Alina FG 0 - 1
RUS 25 17 SHABUROVA Ekaterina FG 0 - 2
RUS 39 5 SHUMILINA Kristina FG 0 - 3
KAZ 41 10 DOMASHNEVA Vera FG 1 - 3
RUS 50 2 VASILEVA Daria PC 1 - 4
RUS 52 8 IVANOVA Tamara FG 1 - 5
RUS 59 8 IVANOVA Tamara FG 1 - 6
RUS 64 19 SOROKINA Evgenia FG 1 - 7
RUS 69 17 SHABUROVA Ekaterina FG 1 - 8

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire 1 PUCHIMANDA Anupama
Umpire 2 AZMAN NOR Hafizah
Reserve Umpire LIU Xiaoying
Judge 1 XIE Wei
Judge 2 SHARMA Anjali
Technical Officer MOHD BAHARI Noraihan

Russia picked up their second win of the women’s Hero Hockey World League Round Two 2013 to keep alive their outside chances of potentially breaking into the top two of the tournament in Delhi.

They produced a superb second half performance to see off near neighbours Kazakhstan in the opening game of day four of the competition. It augmented two in the first half, the opener coming from Alina Krasnoperova’s excellent deflection, her fourth goal of the competition, from the top of the circle to Tamara Ivanova’s powerful crash ball.

Ekaterina Shaburova’s through the legs, back post effort doubled the difference by half-time and another great touch, this time from Kristina Shumilina extended the margin to three. The Kazakhs got some respite when Natalya Sazontova ran down the left wing and crossed for Vera Domashneva to finish off.

But Russia were relentless in the closing phases, scoring five more. Daria Vasileva cracked home a corner hit, Ivanova reversed in the goal of the game before nabbing her personal second goal before Evgenia Sorokina and Shaburova completed the rout.

  • Match 10
  • Date Fri, 22 Feb 2013
  • Time 16:00
  • Pool/Class Round Robin
  • Venue

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